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Ruta De Galerías  provides a platform for Mexican shareholders seeking business growth.


Since 2018, several entrepreneurial minds have participated in the Talks, including José Alonso Beckmann, Emilio Botín d'Ornano, Patricio Chico, Gerardo Aboumrad, Manuel Loizaga Corcuera, Guillermo Baillères, Casandra Esteve, Daniela Rivera Torres, Patricio Servitje, Cosme Torrado, Joaquín Vargas, Jaime Kalach, Agustín Coppel, David Mizrahi, Iván Legorreta, Isidoro Massri, Daniel Domit, among others.

We would like to thank all the speakers who shared their stories with us, added insights and a personal touch to the panel discussions.

This summit would not have been possible without the support of INVEX Banca Privada and Range Rover. 



Out of a desire to showcase women's contributions to the Mexican essence. "Women in the Arts" Award honors outstanding leaders who push boundaries in the cultural and social scene. 

The 2019 recipient was Catalina Corcuera; cultural promoter, fundraiser and former director of the Casa Luis Barragán.


Last year, we pay tribute to Templo Mayor museum director and archaeologist Patricia Ledesma.

In 2023, we celebrate visual artist Andrea Peña, whose work preserves Mesoamerican painting techniques.


None of this would be possible without the support of Axxets Wealth Management and IWC Schaffhausen.




Named a "New Scenic Route" by Condé Nast Traveler in 2012, Ruta de Galerías team up with the San Miguel Chapultepec's Art-Hub to encourage a vintage building recycling plan aimed at preserving one of México City's most iconic districts.

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